Standardisation Efforts

COMET is highly active in promoting relevant research solutions regarding content-centric communications and networks. We proactively ensure that the results of the project will be appropriately disseminated to industry and will become input to relevant standards bodies. 

COMET has worked with the ALICANTE, COAST, ENVISION, NEXTMEDIA and OCEAN projects in producing an Internet Draft (draft-fmn-cdni-advanced-use-cases) for the IETF CDNI work group. The Draft complements the main CDNI use cases (draft-ietf-cdni-use-cases) with a catalogue of advanced, longer-term CDN interconnection use cases. COMET's contribution to the Draft discusses similarities and differences between CDNs and ICN in terms of objectives, technical approach, deployment and business models. The Draft was presented at the CDNI WG meeting at IETF 82.


COMET has also contributed to the IETF draft on ICN research challenges.